Golf Swing Speed Recorder

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Golf Swing Video Recorder @ Sharper Image – Features Golf Swing Video Recorder. Capture your swing from close up. Use our recorder’s exclusive gooseneck to bend the digital camera in all directions, as it rotates 270 degrees so you can set up and capture things quickly.

It is a simple physics equation in golf: the higher the swing speed, the farther the golf ball travels. The average PGA Tour player generates a swing speed in the neighborhood of 110 MPH.

Recording your swing with a video camera during your practice and drill sessions is vital for rapid improvement. Once you learn to use this tool properly, the video camera, together with the instruction found on this site, will quickly make you a better golfer.

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V-Swing is a hands free digital video recorder that mounts easily to your bag or cart; The perfect system to view, analyze and improve your game

Tired of hitting worm burners and having no idea why? Turn to the V-Swing video golf swing recorder, a hands-free video recorder that mounts easily to your bag or cart.

I believe that is why this called “V-Swing Video Golf Swing Recorder” and not the “V-Swing Video Golf Swing High Speed Recorder”. Just my thought though..

You can use almost any video camera to record your golf swing, including most modern camera phones. If you are on a budget, even the cheapest webcams will produce useable results, but for optimal performance there are a few features that we feel make it worth investing in a special camera.